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Updated: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 15:30:00 GMT

Ripudaman Handa wins 'MasterChef Kitchen ke Superstar'

Firstly, this wonderful journey has come to an end and our favourite Ripudaman Handa has emerged as the winner. Many congratulations to our lovely winner as he deserves every bit of it.

Ripudaman Handa wins MasterChef

When the journey started a few weeks back, no one thought that it would go through so many twists and turns. However, this journey has been fulfilling and a satisfying one!
Infact it has been a dream come true moment for Ripdaman Handa!
He was one of the kitchen stars when he first came in. And today he walks out of the kitchen as MasterChef Ripudaman Handa!
The journey was not easy, it was filled with challenges, yet our dear Ripu managed to cross all the hurdles and emerge as the winner. Ripudaman Handa is known to prepare Indian dishes with an international twist, and it is this quality in him which was loved by all.
Ripu has finally managed to achieve his dream, and obviously he is thrilled about his accomplishment. For him, it was a matter of pride, and he is only glad to have the MasterChef title. Ripu has been awarded the Golden Chef Coat and also a prize money of 1 crore.
Many many congratulations to Ripudaman Handa for winning the title of MasterChef Kitchen Ke Superstar.

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