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Sat, 29 Mar 2014 10:30:00 GMT

Saraswatichandra decides to leave the house

Saras loves Danny like a child. But with the increasing differences between the doting brothers, Saraswatichandra decides to leave the house. Will Kumud be able to resolve the differences between Saras and Danny?

Saraswatichandra decides to leave the house

For Saras, Danny was never like his step brother. He's loved him more than his life. Even Danny loved and respected Saras. But to forget the brotherly love, all one needs is a wicked mother like Ghuman who constantly provokes Danny against Saras. And looks like her plans are falling in place.

Danny's been furious thinking that Saras didn't try to get him released from the jail when he was trapped in the drug scandal. Little does he know that while he was in the jail, Saras was trying to catch the culprit who trapped Danny in the drug scandal. Meanwhile, Kabir takes advantage of the opportunity and gets Danny released from the police custody.

Danny confronts Saras and accuses him of being indifferent towards him as he is a step brother. He decides to leave the house. Saras breaks down and requests Danny to stay in the house. And he decides that he and Kumud will leave the house. Kumud refuses to accompany Saras as she doesn't want the family to get separated. So, Saras decides to leave alone.

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