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Mon, 29 Jul 2013 20:30:00 GMT
'Saraswatichandra' - Episode 111 and 110

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Episode 111

Kumud conveys to Saraswatichandra that she will not forgive him

Naveenchandra gives his written speech to Buddhidhan. Buddhidhan asks Kumud about Pramad's whereabouts. Kumud promises Buddhidhan to attend the press-conference with Pramad. Saraswatichandra conveys his apology to Kumud through Buddhidhan's speech. However, Kumud conveys to him that she will not forgive him. Kumud wishes for Saraswatichandra to leave the house and Saraswatichandra also decides the same. Meanwhile, Pramad reaches home in an intoxicated state and Kumud takes him to their bedroom.