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Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:00:00 GMT
Saraswatichandra - Episode 201 & 200

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Episode 201

Guniyal confronts Kusum

Pramad and Kumud apply turmeric on Kusum. Mohan's mother asks Pramad to apply turmeric on Kumud, but Pramad pretends to be ill. Guniyal confronts Kusum for trying to tell Kumud about her love. Kumud tries to convince Guniyal to get Kusum married to her love, as she is unaware that Kusum loves Saraswatichandra. Pramad suggests Kumud to perform a ritual with Saraswatichandra. Saraswatichandra assures Kusum to get her married to her love. Dugba asks Kumud to perform the ritual with Pramad.