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Sun, 27 Apr 2014 18:15:00 GMT

Shaurya drugs Durga's drink. What is his motive?

Shaurya has set out on an evil plan. He spikes Durga's drink with a hidden motive. However, is this his game or is it another plan by Durga? Will Durga know what Shaurya is upto?

Shaurya drugs Durga's drink. What is his motive?

Shaurya best defines the word 'Casanova'. Not used to hearing the word No, Shaurya has set out on a mission to impress the hard to please, Durga Thakur. Till date, Shaurya's charm has never failed to work on any girl but impressing Durga Thakur is definitely not a cakewalk, which is why he all the more wants her.

On Shaurya's insistence, Durga accompanies him to a party. There a stranger asks Durga for a dance but behaving like a gentleman, Shaurya pushes him away and also hurts him. Later, Durga orders for a soft drink and in a desperate attempt to win the bet with his friend, Shaurya instructs the waiter to spike her drink so that he can establish an intimate relationship with Durga. After consuming the drink, she starts feeling dizzy.

Meanwhile, Shaurya takes her on the dance floor and tries to get close with her. She feels uneasy and reaches an unconscious state of mind.

Now, will Shaurya be successful in taking advantage of Durga's unconsciousness? Or will Durga stop him from taking undue advantage?

What happens next is surely going to thrill you. So to find out, keep watching 'Ek Hasina Thi', from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM only on STAR Plus.

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