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Thu, 29 Aug 2013 15:30:00 GMT | By Star Sports

Warne slams Englishmen for ‘disrespectful’ behaviour

Aussie legend Shane Warne has slammed the behaviour of English players, who reportedly urinating on the pitch of The Oval following the fifth Ashes Test.

Warne slams Englishmen for ‘disrespectful’ behaviour

Journalists had reported that James Anderson, Kevin Pietersen and Stuart Broad had relieved themselves on the pitch late at night after the final day of the fifth Test.

The England and Wales Cricket Board is said to be looking into the matter.

Warne termed their behaviour as disrespectful.

"Unfortunately, the way people are judged these days it's best to celebrate within the confines of the dressing room," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"Stay in there as long as you like, get as drunk as you like if that is what you want to do and enjoy your teammates and the moment.

"But to go and disrespect something as ancient as the Oval pitch in such an unnecessary and crass way is a pretty ordinary and arrogant thing to do, I wonder also if the opposition was mentioned too?"

Warne give them credit for their performance but expressed disappointment at the way it all ended.

"I noticed a significant change in their attitude in the last two Tests and the way they conducted themselves off the pitch," he said.

"I thought they were very humble when they won the Ashes, but emotional and excited too. They celebrated with the fans, enjoyed each other, had their children with them, it was a very special time for the England players.

"It's a real shame they let themselves down so badly and I'm sure it will have some big ramifications from the ECB."

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