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Tue, 20 Aug 2013 21:15:00 GMT | By Star Sports

Watson was one of the guys I lost: Arthur

Mickey Arthur has hit out at Shane Watson and has criticised the egos of young Australian players.

Watson was one of the guys I lost: Arthur

The former Australian coach said that his relation with Watson was damaged in India after which, it was all downhill for the team. He was sacked from his job a few weeks before the Ashes series and was replaced by current coach Darren Lehmann.

"My relationships were outstanding, except with Watson. He was one of the guys I lost," Arthur told The Daily Telegraph in an interview.

"India was where it started going wrong, when we suspended those players.

"If I sit back and think, 'would I have done it again?', well, I probably would. Because I believed so much in what we were trying to do."

During the Test series against India, Watson, Usman Khawaja, Mitchell Johnson and James Pattinson were reprimanded for not providing feedback. While the rest were axed for the fourth Test, Watson was sent home after the incident.

"I met with all our staff before I did it and our staff were adamant that was the right way to go," Arthur said.

"I ended up making those decisions and then ended up bearing the brunt of them."

Arthur also believed that big money was affecting the young players on the team, and that he had prepared a document of guidelines for these youngsters.

"I spent so much time with our manager and we put together this whole values document for all the young players coming into the Australian side," he said.

"They got a booklet and we told them exactly what the expectations were, because the young guys coming in didn't know.

"They're good players, they're not great players. They're earning obscene amounts of money and they've got big egos, but they don't know the best way to go about it.

"So we were putting in these definite guidelines because we had no leaders there. So that fell on me to educate the guys and ultimately I'm the guy who loses it."

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