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Tue, 13 Aug 2013 19:00:00 GMT | By Star Sports

Waugh warns of a new fixing threat to cricket

Former Australia skipper Steve Waugh has warned that international cricket face threat from a new type of ‘strategy’ to fix matches. It is called ‘bracket fixing’ and is supposedly working well in T20 matches.

Waugh warns of a new fixing threat to cricket

In excerpts from his new book – The Meaning of Luck – published in Australian newspaper Herald Sun, the legendary cricketer claims that this new type of fixing is even more dangerous than spot-fixing.

"A much bigger threat to cricket lurks around what is commonly known as 'bracket fixing', which can be controlled by crooked players and remain undetected or be easily explained away," Waugh has mentioned in his book.

With bracket fixing, a small part of a limited-overs game is manipulated to ensure that a certain number of runs are scored or a specific number of wickets are taken over a definite period.

"If a captain is involved, the whole process can be achieved discreetly and effectively," the legendary cricketer wrote. The 48-year-old added that such a scheme is most likely to be tried out in a second tier domestic T20 competition.

Waugh believes that due to private ownership of teams in various T20 leagues, the dangers of ‘fixing’ has increased. 

"I learned of an Australian player with exemplary ethics and credibility who was informed he was the captain ... quickly, he sensed he was going to be the owner's puppet. So he turned the captaincy down and was promptly dropped for his team's first four matches," Waugh mentions in his book.

Waugh, who led Australia to the World Cup title in 1999, said lie-detector tests should help in curbing corruption in cricket.

"If a player hasn't done anything wrong, he won't be afraid. He will have an avenue to clear his name," Waugh said.

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