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Sun, 27 Apr 2014 18:15:00 GMT

Veera tell us the seven reasons why every individual must vote

If you think that the Voting Day is just another holiday, then why bother to cast your vote? Although being the first time voter, Veera tells us why every individual must vote.

Veera tell us the seven reasons why every individual must vote

It is a way to speak your mind

If you want your voice to be heard, then voting on the Election Day is the best way to speak your mind and let your voice reach afar.

To make a difference

Are you tired of our country's pitiable state, corruption, overpopulation, poverty and many more to add to the list? Now, when you have a chance to make a difference by voting and choosing the right person to solve your problems, then don't waste this opportunity. Cast your vote because your vote matters in creating a difference.

Don't cast your vote, do not complain

We like to sit and endlessly complain about the current political system but if you are really upset with it, then you should vote. Because if you don't cast your vote, then you lose the right to complain.

For a responsible future

Our one vote can make us responsible for our future. Not only us but also our future generations can enjoy the benefits of our vote.

Each vote counts

Do you think how can one vote make a difference? The reality is that each vote counts. So, don't waste your right to vote.

It's your duty

Democracy clearly states, 'Of the people, by the people and for the people'. We should take keen interest in voting because the government cannot work without 'us', the people.

Sense of power

It will give you an immense sense of power because voting clearly shows your sense of pride for your nation.
So folks, cast your vote because you can make a difference!

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