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Wed, 26 Mar 2014 19:45:00 GMT

What happens when love chooses to act ignorant?

We have heard enough about the bright side of love. But what happens when love stops looking beyond other valuable relationships in life and chooses to act ignorant?

What happens when love chooses to act ignorant?

When one goes through a lot of trials and tribulations in their lives, their craving for love becomes such that they start falling for anyone who shows even slightest affection and care towards them. In their apparent love, they also tend to overlook the other important relationships in life.

Sonia is a troubled teenager ever since her parents got separated. Initially, she lives with her father, but his rejection and lack of responsibility towards her makes her move into her mother Kavita and stepfather Randheer's house. After finding a confidante and a strong support in Randheer, Sonia starts falling for her stepfather. As time passes by, the two grow closer to each other.

What will happen when Sonia's mom, Kavita, will find out about their secret relationship? What will be the impact of this relationship?

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