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Tue, 04 Mar 2014 07:45:00 GMT

When love takes you on the wrong path

People often tend to forget their barriers in love and end up going to extremes. What happens when love leads you on the wrong path? Tonight's episode of 'Ishq Kill' will tell it all. Stay tuned.

When love takes you on the wrong path

Love is believed to be blind. It neither distinguishes between caste or religions nor discriminates between status. But the problem arises when people confuse lust with love. Getting physical with someone is not love. Loyalty is the foundation of love, and infidelity can break a marriage.

Tonight's episode of 'Ishq Kills' will highlight a similar case. The life of a happily married couple soon gets disrupted. When their own house help decides to ruin the happily married life of her employers.

Will her unusual feelings towards her employer lead her on a path of crime and destruction? To what extent will the housemaid go to achieve her love and make her relationship successful?

To find out, don't forget to tune in to 'Ishq Kills', tonight at 10PM only on STAR Plus.

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