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Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:30:00 GMT

When the hunter is hunted...'Ishq Kills'!

Have you ever wondered what happens when the hunter becomes the prey? When a trickster gets tricked in his own game of love? Tonight's episode of 'Ishq Kills' will say it all.

When the hunter is hunted...'Ishq Kills'!

Love is believed to be a double edged sword. As much as it can create a beautiful individual, it can also destroy one's goodness.

Dilip Joshi is a smart, rich, suave man who works for a minister as an ‘Intelligence Officer'. His charm can easily sweep women off their feet and these qualities are enhanced by his ability to deceive women. He has four wives in different cities each unaware of one another.

Things take a completely different turn when Dilip starts falling for Rashmi, a demure yet a clever woman. She starts showing her interest in Dilip on learning that he is an ‘Intelligence Officer'.

What lies ahead for Dilip? Will he get tricked in the game of love or will he not, knowing the tricks of the trade?

To find out, tune in to 'Ishq Kills', tonight at 10 PM only on STAR Plus.

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