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Tue, 29 Oct 2013 13:00:00 GMT

Who do you think will get the final chef coat?

Who do you think will it be..Sarthak, Harshieka or Devendra?

Who do you think will get the final chef coat?

We have our first chef coat winner – Emanuel, second chef coat winner - Sakshi. Now it’s turn for our third finalist to get the chef coat.

This is the last chance the little ones have to fulfill their dreams. Sarthak needs the title for his dream restaurant. Harshieka needs the title for her mother. Devendra wants to accomplish his dreams. Little kids with big dreams. Will they give it their best shot today?

Today will be their last task in the Junior MasterChef kitchen, where these kids will get to show their culinary skills. Will they falter or make full use of it?

All the kids have shown exemplary skills in the kitchen and they all deserve to be on the top. Sarthak, at such a young age, runs his own stall called Maggi Point. Devendra, already makes sweets along with his uncles. Harshieka, whips and bakes cakes that most renowned chefs would think twice before baking.
Don't these little ones make you proud already? The judges are surely going to have a tough time deciding the winner.
However, don't forget to tune in to Amul Junior MasterChef Swaad Ke Ustaad, Saturday and Sunday, 9 PM onwards only on STAR Plus!

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