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Sat, 11 Jan 2014 23:15:00 GMT

Will Anand and Kritika get a divorce?

The divide between Anand and Kritika has only intensified since their argument. The Shergill family has tried hard to get them together but things get worse.

Will Anand and Kritika get a divorce?

Kritika has been living at her maternal home ever since her relationship with Anand deteriorated. They have always been a very loving couple but ups and downs are a part and parcel of life.

Amrit has been trying to get both of them to make up with each other. Amrit intentionally tells Kritika to change her saree in Anand's room. After changing her saree, Kritika bumps into Anand. Amrit was hoping the two of them will patch up. Unfortunately, an argument ensues between them.

The next day Zorawar shows Anand divorce papers and tells him he does not see things getting better between him and his wife. Anand is shocked at what his father is suggesting. What do you think will happen? Will Anand and Kritika really split ways? Or will they ultimately patch up?

To find out if Anand goes ahead with the divorce or not, do tune in tonight to Ek Nanad Ki Khusiyon Ki Chaabi, Meri Bhabhi every Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on STAR Plus.

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