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Tue, 17 Sep 2013 00:00:00 GMT

Will Prarthana have a successful wedding?

Prarthana has had numerous obstacles in the way to her marriage. Kya Prarthana bhari maang ka sukh paayegi?

Will Prarthana have a successful wedding?

Due to the  shallow mindset of people around who tend to have a preference for fair skin, Prarhtana has had to face difficulty in finding a potential suitor.

Her parents and family were very tensed regarding her future. She too was very unhappy about the fact that she could not find a husband.

After much heartache, she found a good match.

Is it safe to say that things are now looking up for her? Has God finally heard her prayers? Or will there be more hurdles in her way?

Prarthana is finally happy with the recent events in her life but for how long will her happiness last?  Nazar na lage uski khusiyon ko!

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